Maine Bee Technologies

Maine Bee Technologies

Bringing innovation to food & beverage, nutraceutical, phytochemical processing, and culinary chemistry

Inquire now to learn how you can start producing plant or compound-specific fortified food and culinary ingredient products for this season.

At Maine Bee Technologies, we develop protocols and methods to ensure valuable molecules are extracted undegraded and stabilized to undergo elevated temperatures and acidic environments. 

We make it possible to add tasteless, bioavailable, and fully dispersable nutrition to any beverage, food product or culinary ingredient.  

Fortify nutritionless foods. Make snacks as healthy as vegetables!

Add postbiotic delivery systems to any food product!

Our methods use only commonly found and FDA-approved ingredients. 

Your customers no longer have to worry about boiling off or degrading active compounds when baking or frying with the product.

Our protocols are backed by science and verified by third parties prior to releases. Every method we publish follows high and strict scientific standards and we work with our clients to ensure the end products are the highest of quality. We wish to see our clients pass FDA and International standards.

Please contact us to inquire about method development and licenses to our patented protocols.


Mission Statement

Maine Bee Technologies is dedicated to developing innovative methods to solve problems in food & beverage markets. We understand compounds of interest cannot always undergo manufacturing processes or withstand cooking temperatures, so we strive to find solutions. Our solutions ensure end products have your compounds of interest fully intact, undegraded, and maximized bioavailability.