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Our methods prevent the issue of THC converting to CBN as well as CBD isomerizing into THC. Our innovative techniques ensure that these undesirable changes are avoided in your processes. 


Our advanced technology brings out the benefits of ayurvedic herbs and other plants without compromising your products desired taste. Moreover the size of our technology circumvents liver metabolism, effectively addressing the prevalent concern of plant nutraceuticals interacting with liver enzymes.

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Pet Food

We can take your pet food products and provide targeted release of your ingredients that release along the digestive tract. These nutrient enhancers can ensure your customer’s pets maintain a healthy gut microbiome and have stimulated production of neurotransmitters for an overall happy state of mind.

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Processed Food

We provide a solution to prevent common issues found with plant nutraceuticals and extracts in processed food manufacturing. Our technology provides a solution to mask taste/smells, enhance solubility, and encapsulate both hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds all in one carrier. 

What is our technology?

Our technology is a way to encapsulate molecules. We developed an FDA approved guest-host molecule that provides extended thermal stability to both lipophilic and hydrophilic compounds, it can withstand acidic environments, bypass the liver, and has targeted release in the gut. 

Our solutions to your manufacturing processes include molecular encapsulations, compound stabilization, and complex delivery methods.

Surfactant free!

All formulations are surfactant free, FDA approved or GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) listed. 

Durable ingredients

Active ingredients can undergo harsh manufacturing conditions and cooking temperatures up to 177°C for 90 minutes with no degradation or thermal isomerization. And up to 235 °C for 60 minutes with minimal thermal isomerization.

We disclose our reagents to you

We disclose our reagents to you. This allows clients to outsource their own reagents and no need to hide behind "proprietary blends.'' 

Ingredients bypasses liver metabolism

Our molecular encapsulation methods have particle sizes on the nanoscale, which allows active ingredients to bypass liver metabolism (CLAIM DATA PENDING)

Our feasibility study


30 minutes at 177°C

90 minutes at 177°C

Conclusion: Encapsulated active ingredients did not degrade or oxidize.

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