Who We Are

We know people are going to eat naughty foods regardless, so why not bring those foods nutritional value

Maine Bee Technologies is committed to researching the potential of plant-based medicines and diets for enhancing brain health and promoting overall well-being. Our primary objective is to identify the specific molecules that contribute to health benefits and incorporate them into commonly consumed processed foods.

Our Science

We recognize the synergistic effects that these molecules exhibit when combined with other compounds, leading to an entourage effect. Our expertise lies in encapsulating a diverse range of plant nutraceuticals, ensuring a wide spectrum of nutritional value to support gut-brain health and holistic living.

Our Mission

Maine Bee Technologies is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge nanoencapsulation techniques with exceptional thermal stability. Our mission is to empower the development of Next-Generation Food ingredients that foster optimal gut health and wellness.

Our founders

Clay Clarkson 

Clay Clarkson is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Maine Bee, currently pursuing studies at Johns Hopkins University. An alumnus of Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi and a national McNair Scholar, Clarkson specializes in functional food ingredients, postbiotic systems, and beverages. He is recognized as a trusted consultant, known for innovative approaches that enhance flavors and promote wellness.

Beyond his professional achievements, Clarkson is deeply committed to providing nutrition to children, recognizing its importance for future growth and development. His research in plant-based compounds focuses on their positive impact on the gut microbiome and their potential influence on neurotransmitter production, with a goal to develop solutions that contribute to emotional well-being.

In molecular encapsulation research, Clarkson explores the effects of polyphenols and terpenophenolics on gut microbial metabolisms and RNA response. His dedication to uncovering the potential of these compounds reflects his broader mission to optimize our symbiotic relationship with the internal microbiome.

Clarkson's work epitomizes expertise, innovation, and pushing boundaries in functional foods and microbial sciences. His visionary mindset invites others to join a journey where gastronomy, scientific inquiry, and exploration intersect, unlocking the secrets of nature's tapestry for a future filled with possibilities.

Miracle Jackson

Miracle Jackson is the President and Co-founder of Maine Bee Technologies, driven by an unwavering passion for innovative plant-based nutrition. Currently a student at Harvard University DCE Program and Unity Environmental University, Jackson leads efforts to revolutionize the industry through groundbreaking molecular encapsulation techniques that provide thermal stability to plant-based nutraceuticals and vitamins.

This transformative proprietary technology unlocks a world of fortified culinary ingredients, enhancing the nutritional value of everyday foods and inspiring individuals of all ages to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Beyond nutrition, Jackson aspires to develop enhanced MREs and nutritional cosmonaut food, venturing into new frontiers with a commitment to promoting cardiovascular and brain health for those in demanding environments.

Miracle Jackson's leadership extends beyond innovation to a mission-driven approach, leveraging Maine Bee Technologies' expertise to offer additional health benefits to individuals consuming processed foods. Join Jackson on this extraordinary journey, where profound knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence reshape the landscape of nutrition and culinary innovation, experiencing the transformative power of visionary leadership.