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The cannabis industry faces the common challenge of achieving standardized production, as evidenced by instances of THC contamination in CBD products due to thermal isomerization. Our technology offers a solution to this issue, fills a significant barrier in the market, as well as enhances product quality and consumer safety. Our feasibility studies focused on terpenophenolics like THC and CBD, and we find that polyphenols face similar issues. Emerging research on polyphenols highlights their potential health benefits, including promoting beneficial gut bacteria and archaea, as well as indirectly influencing neurotransmitter production to enhance mood and mental well-being. While further research is needed to substantiate our claims, our technology offers a promising solution for delivering polyphenols to the large intestine through fortified food and beverages.

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Our encapsulating technique is safeguarded by patents. This patent protection ensures you will be investing in a company with a strong competitive advantage as well as a barrier to entry by competitors.

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Dr. David Cunic, MD 

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